The Mountain Between Us, 2017

Well, let me start with a preface:  First, I knew exactly what I was getting into, and second, I was feeling less than my usual cynical self last Sunday night.  So, I was prepared for a mushy story that I thought was “sweet” despite being far-fetched.

It might have actually had something to do with the silly yellow lab that reminded me of my own dog, but regardless, there’s more holes in the plot of this movie than there is in a slice of Swiss cheese.  But since I was in a forgiving mood, I let myself sit back, relax, and take in the spectacular scenery of the Rockies in the dead of winter, and didn’t let anything dissuade me from believing that when chance throws two people together, of course, they’ll fall in love and all their troubles will soon be behind them.

So, pay no mind to the impossibility of surviving a plane crash, killing a mountain lion in just the nick of time, stumbling upon a cabin in the woods after crossing what seemed like multiple mountains, not just one like the title suggests, making glorious love in spite of a broken leg, surviving on a can of beans for three weeks, and then just stumbling onto civilization in the midst of practically one mountain after another.  If all that were not just a tad too far-fetched for you, well then, perhaps you wouldn’t be too impressed with how each of them just waits for each other and finally, when all hope seems to be gone, fate brings them together once again, and the rest as they say, can only be history…

Long story short:  if you have a penchant for soapy dramas and syrupy romances – that make little to no rational sense whatsoever – you must see it at once.  If you don’t, well then, unless you go with an open mind and leave your sharp logic and analytical skills behind – like I did – you’re better off letting this one pass.




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