My Tongue Will Proclaim Your Righteousness, Your Praises All Day Long

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LEVITICUS 1:1-3:17 | MARK 1:29-2:12 | PSALM 35:17-28 | PROVERBS 9:13-18

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We enter the book of Leviticus, the third book of the Pentateuch authored by Moses, and find a long set of very specific instructions on how to present offerings to the Lord.  And there are a variety of them:  burnt offerings, grain offerings, and fellowship offerings with the herd, the flock, and the fowl.  And then they’re all kinds of instructions for the baked or pan-fried grain offerings.  There is no dearth to the many rules we will soon learn about.

Turning next to our reading in the book of Mark we continue with observing Jesus’ ministry in and around the region of Galilee.  Healing every physical infirmity, and every mental illness such as demon-possession, feeding the people, preaching everywhere he went, Jesus soon attracted the attention of the teachers and elders of the Temple.  Blasphemy, they said.  They were not so taken aback by the miracles being performed as they were with Jesus’ message.

Next, we turn to the Psalms, and find David, the great Psalmist, crying out in his distress during what must have been a rough time in his life.  He is confident that God is mindful of all the injustice and lies that have been levied on him, and he also knows that God will go before him to fight every battle for him.  He says:

27 May those who delight in my vindication
shout for joy and gladness;
may they always say, “The LORD be exalted,
who delights in the well-being of his servant.”

28 My tongue will proclaim your righteousness,
   your praises all day long.

Finally, turning to Proverbs, we find Solomon, wise king of Israel, speaking of Folly that he calls an “unruly woman,” who cries out these words to passersby:

17 “Stolen water is sweet;
food eaten in secret is delicious!”
18 But little do they know that the dead are there,
that her guests are deep in the realm of the dead.

May God bless the reading and reflection of His Word.  Amen.

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