Raees, 2017

It didn’t do anything for me: the bright lights, the throw-back fancy dance numbers, the ripped Shah Rukh Khan defying time and age, and certainly not the story.

Speaking of story, let’s tackle that up front, shall we?  We know from experience that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword, so that’s that.  And since that was established quite early on, there wasn’t too much left to ponder on that count.  And that would have been fine to not have any suspense over the inevitable end had there been something more enduring, something more remarkable, something more redeeming, something a little more ‘raees’ than the very ordinary, very long, and actually very disappointing story altogether.

And so, I shall spare my breath and your attention, and tell you that you’d be better off sparing your twenty bucks, nay, make that more like twenty-five bucks if you think you need to go in with the popcorn or the Raisinets.  No “Laila main Laila” however slick the song or the beat is worth your time or energy when there isn’t anything more to hang your hat or your dupatta on.


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