2 thoughts on “When You Miss Your Firstborn Terribly But Smile Anyway 

  1. Beta, I can tell you are missing Sana by looking into your eyes. Of course you will miss her ’cause you are her Mommy! It reminds me of those days when you were away from me when you were at All Saints or I was in Canada. Those were the days when there was no email, no cell phone, no instant messaging, no Skype, no FT or FB. I would cry my eyes out daily. However, those days or these when you miss your child you really miss. I guess it is good bonding time for
    you and Samira. Love you Beta.

    1. Hi, Mom. Thank you for writing the sweet words of encouragement. I know you missed me terribly and you know also that I was miserable in boarding school, and of course missed you so much when you were in Canada.

      It will get better as the days go on I am sure, and like you say, we have so many different modes of communication throughout the day to be in constant communication and in touch. We love the telecommunications technologies!

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