Spectre, 2015

When one waits too long to write a review, one is short on memory and long on wishful thinking, and there is always the danger of the review to be nothing in line with the movie itself, but come now, one must take a chance, all things considered…

And so, one of my vivid recollections of the somewhat long and action-packed thriller is the time the girl says to Bond, “You’re a good man, James…”  Now, what could be sweeter than that?  Does that not capture in spirit the very essence of the idea of James Bond: a “good man” on duty for her Majesty’s government, doing what is needed, wherever it is needed, in whatever shape and form it is needed, and doing it, of course, in style at all times – a style that never goes out of style even as Mr. Bond wears those impeccably tailored suits, cuff-links and all. 

Notwithstanding my ability to offer a thorough analysis of the plot, per se – and only because I truly cannot recall it in its entirety – I can certainly highlight a few things that did stand out in my memory:  the opening chase scene shot brilliantly on the train; a masterful sequence having originated in Mexico on the Day of the Dead that included a fantastic parade through the heart of the city.  Bond is consummate in his confidence and courage to go after the bad guys and take care of business.  Which is how the rest of the story goes.  Visually stunning sequences in fantastic locations treated with the most spectacular cinematography, it almost matters not how weak or strong the storyline is, what matters is how entertained you are at the end of it all!

On a personal note, there is the bittersweet feeling in the knowledge that this is the last of this Bond’s tenure.  Daniel Craig, the latest Bond of this blockbuster franchise of the past forty-plus years, is the Bond of my generation.  Always ultra-cool, Craig’s Bond is far less sexist but perhaps a little more romantic and less physical than the 007 of years past.  Thanks for the memories, Daniel!



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