Gravity, 2013

Not a sci-fi movie technically, but for mere earthlings so far removed from space, it might as well have been one. 

Bullock and Clooney are easy on the eyes and the ears, and offer quite the credible performance, which supplemented by the suspense of the story produces quite the viewing experience, but there’s things that could have made the script and screenplay even more credible.  Dr. Ryan (Bullock) states early on that she enjoys the silence of space, only later to speak of her endless hours listening to the radio. And I wondered how it is that she is so queasy in her spacesuit after all those months of training…

Still, it is what it is, and you can’t help but feel a sense of wonderment in the sheer possibilities of traversing through space, and a terrible sense of claustrophobia and even doom at the thought of how this is bound to end badly…

But there is a greater divinity that shapes our ends rough hew them how we will, and in a very complicated but masterful way we watch in amazement as the story of a woman trapped in space unfolds.

Watching it in 3D provided an extra sense of reality to an otherwise non-real viewing experience.


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