Brave, 2012

A tangled mess of curls that look like they might slow her down, but nothing could be further from the truth concerning the Scottish lass called Mereda in Pixar’s latest presentation.   In contrast to Disney’s Tangled from a couple years ago in which Rapunzel wears her golden tresses neatly brushed and awaits her Prince Charming, Mereda has no desire to wait for any Prince, charming or not.

And when her parents arrange for the clansmen from the Scottish Highlands to present their firstborn sons as potential suitors, Mereda is in no way amused.  But comply she does, albeit grudgingly, and ends up excelling in the sport that she proposes as the one that the four suitors must demonstrate their prowess in.   So, humor them she does, but still doesn’t give in to accepting an arranged marriage.  This is one brave girl, and she’s not afraid to remind them of it.

What follows is a sweet story that showcases the mother-daughter relationship that is a delicate balance of strong wills that eventually allows them to reach a happy compromise when both parties see things from the others’ perspective.  There’s bravery in compromise, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about that!

A bit unusual from the traditional fairy-tale ending, but still one that tugs at your heart strings for all the drama that mothers, fathers, and daughters can produce!


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