Gali Gali Chor Hai, 2012

A social satire on the inevitable lot of the common man in India, this is both a laughable and lamentable story set in the city of Bhopal that could very well be any town in India at all.  The face of corruption is a very clear and distinct one.  It first appears as the local policeman and subsequently takes on many other guises as our poor hero battles the bureaucratic mess of the political and socio-cultural milieu of the motherland. 

In some ways a tragicomedy, the distractions of the occasional song-and-dance and the drama inside the home and at the Ramleela are possibly necessary evils in order to not keel over with disgust and utter frustration of the never-ending red-tape that everything seems to be wrapped in.

Akshaye Khanna is actually quite believable in his role, and so is the father-in-law.  The ladies are lovely, and the one lady who does the masala-number is highly skilled in every form of Bollywood-style dance gyration.


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