7 thoughts on “On a Thai Roll: On the Other Side of the State

  1. Nicely done! But then again, I’d have been surprised if you hadn’t. 🙂

  2. A repost for the record (and completely unrelated to this post altogether!):”Surely this is not the only source of nutrition for this child?! He looks old enough to hold a spoon and fork, not to mention a bottle or a sippy cup. Why then is the need to breastfeed? Perhaps in another context where there is abject poverty, this might be necessary, but in one of the most affluent countries in the world, this is nothing short of ridiculous. It would appear that the mother must derive more pleasure from this, and the child views it as a source of comfort and perhaps a plaything. What would have been truly controversial about this picture is if the child were cupping his mother’s breast(s) in his hand while feeding.”

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