Think Like A Man, 2012

I haven’t read the book, and don’t know if I will, but then again, I don’t have “relationship” issues to sort out– at least not the pre-marital kind, anyway.  And so, my views on the movie are quite straightforward:  it is, first and foremost, a very formulaic approach to the male-female differences in psyches when it comes to engaging each other.  And second, it is a blatant advertisement for Mr. Steve Harvey’s book by the same name as the title of the movie.  Mr. Harvey is quoted liberally throughout and dispenses advice to the women on how to “think like a man.”  A little sexist, perhaps, but a shame that the advice is more common sense than anything.

Funny in parts, very formulaic throughout, this is a story that presents four “types” of men that the women learn about in the book in order to engage their male partners for more productive, positive, and supposedly happy outcomes.  The joke, however, appears to be on them when the men figure out what’s going on and modify behaviors accordingly.

On a personal note– and perhaps a somewhat priggish one– I find it to be a sad commentary on the state of affairs of the day where concepts like self-restraint and intentionality seem to be alien ones to young people who view a dinner date as a standard precursor to spending the night over.  And that in order to develop an understanding of these concepts, one must buy a book written by a man who uses metaphors like “cookie” to describe what you can and cannot give away, and establishing a timeline for doing so?  Women, why can you not think for yourselves?!

Well, before I begin to tear apart more seams in the movie, let me close by saying that it is certainly good for a few laughs on a Friday night, no doubt, and what might be a good sequel is for someone to come up with a book that turns the tables around to dispense advice to men on how to think like a woman. 


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