Kick Butts Day: Just Do It!

It’s March 21, 2012! Today is Kick Butts Day!

Y Street in Virginia celebrates Kicks Butts Day 2012 in this featured video reminding us that Big Tobacco spends one million dollars every hour to recruit kids as “replacement smokers” for the over 400,000 Americans killed each year by tobacco.

Find Kick Butts Day Events Near You

Check out these state-specific press releases and look for Kick Butts Day events in your state on the Google Map.

Map of 2011 Kick Butts Day Event

What’s Kick Butts Day?

Kick Butts Day is March 21, 2012, a day for activism when thousands of youth in every state and around the world will STAND OUTSPEAK UP … and SEIZE CONTROL AGAINST BIG TOBACCO. If you are a teacher, a parent running a scout troop, or a youth leader, you can hold your own Kick Butts Day event as well.

While here, don’t forget to download new printable templates for Kick Butts Day 2012 bookmarks and stickers and check out the stylish new Kick Butts Day gear.

Stand Out. Speak Up. Seize Control Against Big Tobacco.



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