Sand Art: An Intricately Beautiful Artform

Some years back, we had the pleasure of touring the Grand Canyon and the desert country in the southwest part of the United States.  I stopped at this one small Trading Post, and found these two pieces of exquisitely rendered stick-figures in the sandart tradition.  They are signed and dated by a Native American artist in 1968.  I display them with great fondness for the unique art form that they represent, as well as for the beautiful memories from that trip.  Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Sand Art: An Intricately Beautiful Artform

  1. I have had a love for all things Native American,since i was a small child.These pictures.are beautiful’

  2. Many thanks, Alison!  I am also a serious fan of things Native American.  Rainsticks, masks, and totems are some other things that I have a small collection of. 

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