Desi Boyz, 2011

I suppose you could call them a “dynamic duo” in a desi-kind of way, but regardless of what you might call the pair of John Abraham and Akshay Kumar, they will remain fine specimens of the male species, rippling muscles and all.  But that is not the point of starring in a move– or is it?  I mean showcasing one’s fine anatomy by way of song-and-dance numbers?  Or maybe it is:  again, in a desi-kind of way.

Well, beyond these fine body parts, I’m not sure what else these two might be credited with.  Certainly not the story, of course, which by the way is not much of a story.  Well, to be fair, there is a story, but so weak is it in plot and delivery that one wonders if it is worthy being called a story. 

But long story short, I suppose one needn’t worry and wonder too much about storyline and such, and instead, the better option is to just sit back and allow yourself to be deluded into thinking that things like this, i.e., becoming a successful male-escort is the panacea during times of economic recession.  That, and the fact that women will pay money to watch you gyrate your hips and other body-parts with or without muscles.


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