Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, 2011

I had predicted there would be a sequel, and sure enough, two years later, the sequel has arrived as if on cue, but it might have been better had they stopped with the first.  And if you think that is a terrible thing to say about a movie, it most probably is.  But what can you say when there’s more style and virtually no substance to the story?  In spite all the fantastic action that includes special effects galore, the fact remains that one exits the theatre and can’t recall a single defining scene of the movie.

And dare I say it– Holmes, aka, Mr. Robert Downey Jr. is looking somewhat jaded, and one wonders if his time with the Ironman franchise and this one is taking its toll on his ability to convey a convincing performance.  But it is not for lack of effort, and may very well be that the effort is too forced which makes for an awkward “game of shadows.”  Even all those fights in grand slow-motion have begun to feel tiresome, and one wonders at the look of disapproval Arthur Conan Doyle might have sported at this spectacle.

Needless to say, I cannot give the sequel high marks of the kind that the first received, and would venture to offer Mr. Guy Ritchie some advice:  stop here, please; the thought of a trilogy is depressing.


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