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In today’s world, Twitter, Skype, and email have become the most common means of communication. So an old-fashioned handwritten note is particularly endearing. When I received Joy’s submission for our 12 blogs of Christmas project, I was pleasantly surprised that it was crafted on a yellow note pad, in neat cursive, purposefully handwritten. And, as I would expect from Joy, straight from her heart. –Lindsey Talerico-Hedren, managing editor for the WV blog

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World Vision's 12 blogs of Christmas | Joy Bennett

Day 1 | World Vision's 12 blogs of Christmas

Join World Vision’s 12 blogs of Christmas — a Christmas project of more than 20 bloggers from various walks of life and faith who will be blogging their own ideas about the true spirit of Christmas.

And you’re invited to participate! 

Simply write a blog post or take a picture or make a video — blog something that, for you, represents your idea of the true spirit of Christmas — and then, once it’s live and featured on your blog, “link it up” to our 12 Blogs of Christmas.


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