Quantum of Solace, 2008

So, if you wish to test out a state-of-the-art flatscreen television set with all the bells and whistles on an equally impressive home-theatre sound system, which movie do you think you’d slip into the DVD player?  Well, we decided on the most recent 007 Bond film called Quantum of Solace.  And since its been three years since it first came out, it was almost like seeing it for the first time! 

The movie did not disappoint as far as serving as a fine example of a film with great panoramic views of exotic landscapes, and the mega-action sequences came alive on the big screen, but as far as offering a genuine critique on the overall quality of the movie itself, well, that’s another story now…

True to the formula of a quintessential Bond film, Quantum has the usual ingredients of big chases on planes, trains and automobiles– and in this one, a fantastic chase on foot in which Daniel Craig couldn’t look more suave in his tailored suits– as well as hot babes and nasty villains.  And yet, it seemed to fall short on one essential ingredient that has become a standard feature in Bond films:  hot gadgets.  There really weren’t any that had a wow factor, unless you can count the huge wall touchscreens that were used to present information to M– which perhaps in 2008 might have been somewhat more glamorous than they are today.  But nothing on Bond’s person itself that he could whip out to decimate the bad guys… Also, the opening title credits came with a song that had no hook and no tune to ensure a spot in the annals of unforgettable Bond movie songs.

Well, if this has been a litany of shortcomings so far, allow me to quickly counter all that by saying that the brooding Daniel Craig somehow does make for a most classy Bond in a Millennial kind of way.  A Bond who’s as intriguing as he’s unprovocative.  There’s action galore and swooping views of Italian countrysides, Bolivian deserts and Haitian marinas.

All things considered, this was the perfect movie for a Saturday night to test out a sweet 55″ television set hanging on a wall connected to a sound-system that rocked!  Needless to say, the popcorn was a bonus, and the company, divine!


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