Poached Eggs w/ Chopped Tomatoes and a Mint Chutney: Almost Like Stained Glass Work

So, you like your eggs poached?  Well, so do I.  I use a small non-stick frying-pan that is perfect for four eggs.  Here’s how it’s done:

Heat your pan and lightly oil it.  Next, put in a tablespoon of mint chutney and stir it around for a half-minute.  Now, break the four eggs into the pan, add a tablespoon of water in around the sides of the pan, and sprinkle salt (and pepper, if you wish).  Next, scatter your chopped red tomatoes around the eggs without disturbing them at all.  Cover lid, and simmer on your lowest flame for fifteen to seventeen minutes. 

When you uncover, you’ll find the most gorgeous sight, like so!  Serve with toast, bagels, parathas, pitas, or whatever you wish!



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