The "Gerig Way"

Sometimes it is best / To deal with a tough problem / With benign neglect

Note on picture:  This is a tribute to Dr. Donald Gerig, pastor of Huron Hills Church for many years, and one of the first to welcome me into the church when I first stepped foot inside the building in early January 1999.  Over the years, Pastor Gerig and his wife Carolyn were important influences in the life of my family and myself as they served to minister to us each Sunday.  Even after Pastor Gerig’s retirement and their moving away to Indiana, we kept in touch, and it was a sad day when I learnt of his passing away.

During a memorial service held in Huron Hills some weeks later, our current Pastor, Ken White mentioned that Pastor Gerig had a very wise way of dealing with problems that sometimes didn’t seem to have any clear or easy solutions.  In his unassuming way, it seems that he would often say that “benign neglect” is sometimes the best way!  And how true that is!  What we often rush to address with words and actions sometimes just need “letting be”. 


Donald D. Gerig, 08.07.1939 – 02.23.2010

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