Parathas With Keema and Shrimp

Thanks to the beauty of airtravel, one can have breakfast in one place, lunch in another, and dinner in yet another place anywhere at all.  And sometimes, you might get so very, very fortunate so as to have a freshly-made meal shipped to you from a faraway place that very day so you can stay put wherever you might be and still have an incredible gastronomical experience.

Well, what you see below was breakfast that came all the way from Florida to Michigan in a matter of two hours.  And what’s more– it was made by my impossibly gorgeous and talented mother.  A breakfast fit for a king is what she sent us:  Parathas, Keema, and Masala Shrimp.


Cheating At Baking Bread

It happens all the time.  And it happens more often than you think.  Cheating at baking bread, that is.  Well, if I’m wrong, then, at least, I’m honest as far as my own baking record goes.  Yes, I did bake all of these loaves of bread at home today.  But you see, I didn’t prepare the dough– I didn’t measure and mix the yeast, add it to the flour, knead it into a dough and all that good stuff.

All I did was buy the loaves from my grocer’s freezer.  I then left them out to defrost in the fridge overnight; this morning, I covered them in saranwrap and let them rise for several hours; then, I put them into a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

What you see is what you get.  Which is absolutely phenomenal!  Check out the slideshow below:


Glorious Leftovers

I was thinking that if ever your dinner plate on an ordinary weekday looks as grand as this– and when you know that every item on that plate is a leftover, well, then you are certifiably fortunate! 

Because when leftovers are as glorious and grand as these, imagine what a fresh meal might look and taste like!


p.s.  and in case you’re wondering about what’s what exactly, going clockwise from the whole-wheat rotis, you have palak saag, chicken curry and broccoli subzi!  yeh hui na baat!