4 thoughts on “365/365/02

  1. Congratulations on completing an inspiring, uplifting project. Your photos expressed so many different moods and facets: beauty, humor, faith, family, friendship, love, and more. Your final photo is perfect. This is one of my favorite passages as well and inspired me to look up your devotional for May 19, 2014: “Turning now to our psalm for the day, we find Psalm 116 to be one written in the most heartfelt and intimate way. The emotions are raw and unadulterated. This is one person’s open and honest account of his experience with his God. And what an amazing thing it is that several millenia later, these very same feelings are still so similar and strong in many of us who share David’s views.”

    That is a perfect summary of your 365 photo project as well. 🙂

    1. Omg you are far too kind! Thank you so much for being a constant companion on my journey with this particular project. I have a valued every comment, criticism, feedback, and reflection you have offered over this past year. I am particularly touched that you took the time to look up my reflection on that psalm. That is my copy of the Bible by the way that I have underlined with gay abandon over the years.

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