3 thoughts on “My Friend, Saul Cooperwasser, and His Schwinn

  1. My dad and I used to go to Saul’s shop for car repairs when I was little, and we were always glad there was someone who was so talented and honest. He’d explain what he was wrong with the cars and let us watch and learn if we wanted, and we almost always stuck around unless he had a lot of other cars waiting. We actually thought he stopped the labor clock on his shelf too often (making a part run in his CVCC, waiting for something, etc.). Inspired by the amazing things he could do with cars, I started practicing working on cars more in high school, and my parents started getting newer cars, so the last time we went was probably in 2003 or 2004 (the last time I remember, Saul was starting to set up the lifts in his expanded garage). I’m a car engineer now and I’d like to think Saul being a role model for truly interacting with cars was a not insignificant influence. Thanks for posting this Simmi, I’m glad to see that Saul is doing well and has time to enjoy his bike! -Yue

  2. *typo – it should read “…He’d explain what was wrong and what he was doing…” I just remembered that Saul went to Cornell for engineering school, so I associated that with cars. For me engineering school turned out to be much more about fundamental sciences (at least at my school), but the concepts come in very handy for me now, if not very interest inspiring while taking those classes.

  3. Hello, Yue Fan, thank you for sharing those thoughts and memories of your association with Saul. Not sure if you noticed the date of this post – it is from 2014. I haven’t seen him in a while, but I hope that he is faring well. He certainly is a very interesting person, and his love of cars, bikes, and people – among other things – is something he will always be remembered for!

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