The Resident, 2011

Chances are after you watch this movie, you’ll think twice before renting an apartment under the Brooklyn Bridge.  Predictable though it might be, the plot does offer sufficient mystery and suspense to safely put this one into the “psychological thriller” category.

Hillary Swank is superb in conveying the varied emotions of surprise, dismay, elation, hesitancy, curiosity, and shock in her relationships with her landlord, her ex, her doctor-colleagues, and even her landlord’s grumpy old grandfather.  The spook-factor and the creepy-factor are present at pretty decent levels, and yet, the overall quality of the film unfortunately does not rise above average.  Perhaps had the story included the reasons for the landlord’s perverse behaviors– in spying on his tenants, etc.– there might have been more intrigue.  Also, the relationship with the landlord and his grandfather are touched upon just enough to pique one’s curiosity, but again, this is never explored.

All in all, not bad at all, but in my view, Oscar-winner Hillary Swank’s time might have used her time in more productive and artistic endeavors.


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